G-CBGW - Thruster Sprint 450

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Asking Price: £11,500

Manufacturer: Thruster (Kit Build)

Model: Sprint 450 Jab

Year: Built in 2002

Avionics: Yaesu FTA-550L radio

Current Location: North Weald, U.K

Last Flight: October 2019

Maintenance Category: BMAA

Description: A two seat 3-axis microlight, factory built in 2002 now with 1,150 hrs Engine and Airframe.  Vne 103 knts,  Va 71 knts comfortable cruise 65-75 knts at 11-15 litres/hr. 

Engine top end overhauled at 900 hours and hollow camshaft replaced with solid  at 1,094 hours.

Aircraft is fitted with all standard Thruster instruments: ASI, Altimeter, Variometer and Rev Counter/Hobbs Meter, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, and dual CHT.  In addition a strobe, electric carb de-icer and radio have been fitted as minor mods with all necessary paperwork.  A Yaesu FTA-550L radio, two Lynx headsets and a Lynx intercom are also  included.


Permitted until November 2019 with the BMAA.  For the permit the wings were stripped, cleaned and inspected and the aileron skins replaced with a pair taken from a scrapped 140 hour Thruster.  She also had new main wheel tyres, battery and some new glazing.


The Ultra-Lam skins are Red and Yellow, legal and safe but rather tired.  The sale includes the remaining Red and yellow wing and tail skins from the damaged Thruster.  These skins are in excellent condition and if protected from sunlight until they are needed will future proof the aircraft as Ultra-Lam skins are no longer available.


The aircraft is currently hangared at  North Weald Airfield, Essex where it can be viewed by appointment.