G-KANZ- Westland Wasp

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Manufacturer: Westland

Model: Wasp HAS1

S/N: F9664 (NZ3909 - Military)

Year: 1966

Avionics: Military

Current Location: North Weald, U.K

Last Flight: Circa 2001 (Stored)

Maintenance Category: Permit to Fly

Description: The Westland Wasp is the Navy Variant of the Westland Scout - fitted with wheels for carrier based landing and storage as opposed to fixed skids. KANZ has an interesting history - currently finished in New Zealand Royal Navy colours, the aircraft was assigned the role of 'Admirals Barge' during its service with the NZRN, and as a result has been maintained to a very high standard since its manufacture back in 1966. The aircraft is now in a disassembled state after being shipped back to the UK in the early 00's currently residing in a stored state at North Weald Airfield (hangared inside).

All major components are present for the aircraft, of which have been removed for safe inhibiting and storage.


The aircraft is powered by a Rolls-Royce Nimbus Gas Turbine Engine, built to be robust and easy to service.


The aircraft sale includes: Main Rotor Blade Folding Frame, Landing Gear Wheel Brace

The aircraft can be purchased 'as is', or as a project - with the UK's leading ex-military Westland Helicopter maintenance provider on hand to carry out the return to flight rebuild and servicing as required.


Airframe and component fatigue index available by request via email/online form submission