G-SASM - Westland Scout

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Asking Price: £85,000 (Servicable)

Manufacturer: Westland

Model: Scout AH.1

S/N: F9713 (XV138 - Military)

Year: 1967

Avionics: 8.33Khz Compliant (EASA)

Current Location: North Weald, U.K

Last Flight: 25th Oct 2019

Maintenance Category: Permit to Fly

Description: SASM is a fantastic example of the increasingly popular Westland Scout helicopter. The aircraft is considered the easiest way to enter the ex-military helicopter industry, with maintenance and servicing approved by the CAA, as well as fair fuel efficiency.


The aircraft itself is rich in military history – much like many other Scout’s, it was attached to the British Army Air Corps shortly after manufacture, however in SASM’s instance – the aircraft spent some time with the Special Air Service also, undertaking classified operations of which some snippets of information are known.


The aircraft is powered by a Rolls-Royce Nimbus Gas Turbine Engine, built to be robust and easy to service.


The aircraft is ready to fly, having undergone a full return to flight service carried out by Weald Aviation Services – Epping, U.K, complete in 2019.


Airframe and component fatigue index available by request via email/online form submission

*SAS/Overseas Military Rear Doors Available subject to fee